a girl holding up a poster that says bad portrait
bad portraits so bad they are good

ETA for Commissions: 2-3 weeks, but please allow up to 4weeks in case of high demand.πŸ–€

a cartoon illustration of an artist's workspace
the facebook logo in a blue circle
Amazon Notebooks
a colorful instagram logo on a black background

Email me

If you are outside the usa please contact me by email or through my social medias to purchase

Coloring Pages Digital

10 pages Each


+ $1 processing fee

Sent to your email to download

Completion Est: currently 2-3 weeks, but incase my list is long please allow up to 4 weeks

Email or message my socials for any questions

a black background with arrows pointing in different directions

Physical 9”x12” paper painting

Marker, Watercolor, ink


a black background with the words usa no tracking on it

Canvas Paintings

a stack of white books on top of a black background

Random Print

random bad portrait printed on holographic sticker and laminated

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆSphynx PrintπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

two stickers with the words i'm you know on them

8.5”x11” print, holographic & laminated.

Hint: if you trim the edges you can peel the back and have a *LARGE STICKER!* or keep it on as a print. Made to order.

Random Grab Bags!

Contains: 1 pck of threatening aura stickers,

2 EllisArtisticWonders stickers, 1 Random Print,

1 Random Pin, 1 Random Keychain, 1 Random Mini print OR Surprise!

Digital bP Trading Card

a set of pokemon cards with a cat and a dog

Please Email: badportraits@yahoo.com

The following:

Pet reference photos, accessories like toys, pet name, gender, pet breed, 2-3 Fun Activities, 1-2 weaknesses, how they show their love . Card background color

Digital download: one custom.

Terrible Outlines!

Terrible Scribbles

a drawing of a group of cats with the words nailedit
a cartoon of a family with a dog and a pug

Terribly drawn quick sketches, will be completed in my free time. Please send your reference photo(s) to badportraits@yahoo.com

Please allow up to 1 week for completion.

. (+$1 processing fee) Digital Download.

Birb Sticker pack

a group of colorful stickers with birds on them

These are handmade. They are not perfect and may have some errors!

Honk around stickers

Pack of 3

4” inches

Threatening Aura Sticker Pack

The slaps stickers

Pack of 3

Cluck Yourself Stickers

Pack of 3

Cluck Off Stickers

Pack of 3

Chimken Stickers

Pack of 3, one of each eye shape

LARGE Halloween Sticker

a person holding a bunch of holographic stickers
a group of stickers with different characters on them

Large Holographic stickers!

Roughly 9”+ inches in length.

$5 + shipping per sticker

Chaotic Chonks

18”x24” Stretched Canvas

Motherly Baths

11”x14” stretched canvas

Himb Artist

11”x14” Canvas

Caught mid bath

9”x12” CANVAS. Watercolors & Marker. ORIGINAL

Early Bird

8.5”x11” laminated paper

Alrighty then!

9”x12” paper. Markers,& Ink

Posty β€œpoke” Malone

9”x12” paper. Markers, Watercolors, & Ink


9”x12” paper. Markers,& Ink

Steal your heart

9”x12” paper. Markers,& Ink


9”x12” paper. Markers, Watercolors, & Ink

Play? Game?

9”x12” paper. Markers & Ink

Good Guy

9”x12” paper. Markers & Ink

Gift Certificate

a gift certificate with a drawing of a girl holding a sign

Email badportraits@yahoo.com for certificate inquiries