a girl holding up a poster that says bad portrait
bad portraits so bad they are good

ETA for Commissions: 2-3 weeks, but please allow up to 4weeks in case of high demand.🖤

a cartoon illustration of an artist's workspace
the facebook logo in a blue circle
a colorful instagram logo on a black background

Email me

If you are outside the usa please contact me by email or through my social medias to purchase

Coloring Pages Digital

10 pages Each


Buy 2, get 3’rd free!

Purchase 2, send reference for all 3!!

+ $1 processing fee

Sent to your email to download

Completion Est: currently 2-3 weeks, but incase my list is long please allow up to 4 weeks

Email or message my socials for any questions

Random Grab Bags!

Contains: 1 pck of threatening aura stickers,

2 EllisArtisticWonders stickers, 1 Random Print,

1 Random Pin, 1 Random Keychain, 1 Random Mini print OR Surprise!

Digital bP Trading Card

a set of pokemon cards with a cat and a dog

Please Email: badportraits@yahoo.com

The following:

Pet reference photos, accessories like toys, pet name, gender, pet breed, 2-3 Fun Activities, 1-2 weaknesses, how they show their love . Card background color

Digital download: one custom.

Terrible Outlines!

Terrible Scribbles

a drawing of a group of cats with the words nailedit
a cartoon of a family with a dog and a pug

Terribly drawn quick sketches, will be completed in my free time. Please send your reference photo(s) to badportraits@yahoo.com

Please allow up to 1 week for completion.

. (+$1 processing fee) Digital Download.

a black background with arrows pointing in different directions

Physical 9”x12” paper painting

Marker, Watercolor, ink


a black background with the words usa no tracking on it

Canvas Paintings

a stack of white books on top of a black background

Birb Sticker pack

a group of colorful stickers with birds on them

These are handmade. They are not perfect and may have some errors!

Honk around stickers

Pack of 3

4” inches

Threatening Aura Sticker Pack

The slaps stickers

Pack of 3

Cluck Yourself Stickers

Pack of 3

Cluck Off Stickers

Pack of 3

Chimken Stickers

Pack of 3, one of each eye shape

LARGE Halloween Sticker

a person holding a bunch of holographic stickers
a group of stickers with different characters on them

Large Holographic stickers!

Roughly 9”+ inches in length.

$5 + shipping per sticker

Chaotic Chonks

18”x24” Stretched Canvas

Motherly Baths

11”x14” stretched canvas

Himb Artist

11”x14” Canvas

Caught mid bath

9”x12” CANVAS. Watercolors & Marker. ORIGINAL

Early Bird

8.5”x11” laminated paper

Alrighty then!

9”x12” paper. Markers,& Ink

Posty “poke” Malone

9”x12” paper. Markers, Watercolors, & Ink


9”x12” paper. Markers,& Ink

Steal your heart

9”x12” paper. Markers,& Ink


9”x12” paper. Markers, Watercolors, & Ink

Play? Game?

9”x12” paper. Markers & Ink

Good Guy

9”x12” paper. Markers & Ink

Gift Certificate

a gift certificate with a drawing of a girl holding a sign

Email badportraits@yahoo.com for certificate inquiries