Random ideas coming to life, will they work out? Only one way to find out…

Follow my journey as I create new things and learn as I go! I am always up to something new, and I never know what Im doing.

Futurama Roach Clip?

Sketched, alcohol markers and ink on paper. Painted the backside white, sketched/colored their faces. Layered with UV resin, alligator clip added. Wrapped with wire, multiple more layers of resin.

Imperfect.. but a success! Crooked.. but cool.

Futurama Clip2

Made the same way as the last one, wanted to attempt it again to see if I can make a straight one and it worked! Will be using this new design set up for future ones!

Tincture bottle Pendant

Dark tincture bottle wrapped in braiding cord, added beads, open jump ring added to allow it to go on a necklace or keychain. Coated in resin so that it doesn’t fall apart at the ring.

My thought on this was for those with chronic pain or illnesses that want to do more stuff out and about. Emergency tincture in case the pain gets too bad. Sometimes it helps to push to keep going.

Bottle Resin Art

Some examples of how I make the bottles look the way they do :) I fill the bottles with UV resin, then put a couple drops of the ink color of choice on the top, and pour in some glow pigment to weigh it down. Which gives the streaky swirly glow effect! Then I cure it under black light. You can also use a stick to poke down and make a similar look without the pigment.

Toxic Roach Clip

Tiny glass bottle, filled with UV resin, glow pigment, and liquid ink. Cured under black light. Added cork, wrapped in wire. Added alligator clip. Coated wire in UV resin to make sturdy. Wrapped more wire, more resin. Cured. Done! I actually love how this one turned out

I made 2 more!

Moss Robot Roach clip

Crystal chip rocks, soil and fresh moss in small glass bottle. Wire wrapped, attached more wire, added a bead and connected to alligator clip. Coated in resin to hold the clip. Wrapped in more wire for structure, coated in more UV Resin for sturdiness. Cured. Wrapped a small gem and connected with wire.. More resin. Cured and complete..

Living clip.

Dangle Roach Clip

Two glass bottle sizes, UV Resin, Glow Pigment and resin Ink, Wire, alligator clip. I filled the bottles with resin and used the pigments to add dripping color that glows. Cured it under black light. Wire wrapped to the clip, used the wire to make “tops” on the bottles with a loop for attachments. Coated in resin for sturdiness. Made hoops with the wire and attached them together. May figure something else out for the hoops so they don’t come apart.

Now Available in my shop!!

Bottle Dab Sticks

UV Resin and pigment in bottle. Dab stick added either into the bottle with the resin, or on top. Wire wrapped and coated in more resin.

Available Now in my shop!

Key Ring: Lighter Case, dab stick, roachclip

UV Resin and pigment in bottle. Dab stick, roach clip added into the bottles with the resin. Wire wrapped and coated in more resin. Lighter case mold for small bic, filled layer after layer with resin, pigment/ink. Cured under black light. Added a gem, wire, and a hoop, coated in more resin, cured. Added keychains and hoop! Got the lighter in.. havnt gotten it back out 😂