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Ellis Artistic Wonders

Shipping included in price

We are all art.

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Bad Portraits!

Digital download only

So bad they are good! Custom made art.

More options on my Bad Portraits page!

Current Completion Est: 1-2 weeks after you order

Due to high demand, Digitals will temporarily be $15 + transaction fee

Cartoon Me

Join any Cartoon Universe! Add your pets, accessories, fav clothes etc.

Digital download only: sent to your email to download & print.

Please send references to:

Custom Portrait Drawing

9”x12” paper

Ft dog model Captain!

Custom Ornament

Moose Skull

a cat sitting on the moon on a plaid blanket

Morty the Cat Prints


a poster with a variety of pictures on it

Colorful Scenes Prints


a painting of a colorful dog on a space background

Papallion Pup

11”x14” Acrylics on canvas

a painting of a sphynx cat with glasses

Galactic Sphynx

12”x16” Mixed Media on Canvas

a drawing of a bulldog wearing a bandana

Bully in the Field

8”x10” Watercolor on canvas

a painting of a dog wearing a bandana

Peiby in the field

Watercolors on 5”x7” canvas

a painting of an astronaut wearing a helmet

Trippy Astroman

12”x 16” Markers on Canvas

a drawing of a french bulldog sitting on a table

French Bulldog

8”x10 Watercolor on Canvas

Space Twats

9”x12” watercolor on paper (only 1 in stock)

a painting of a pug sitting on a checkered floor

Pug Vacuum

9”x12” Acrylics on Canvas

a painting of a lake with trees in the background

Boggy Views

11”x14” Acrylics on Canvas

a painting of a brown dog swimming in the ocean

Water Pup

16”x12” Mixed Media on Canvas

tarot cards with a variety of landscapes on them

Cute Scenes

9”x12” Marker on Paper

a painting of a man in the woods

Dream of the Crow

8”x10” Acrylics on Canvas

a watercolor painting of autumn leaves on a piece of cloth

Autumn Leaves

5”x7” Acrylics on Canvas

a painting of birch trees in the fall

Birch Trees

8”x10” Acrylics on Canvas

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